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Rose Anna LLC

Who/What: Rose Anna is named for creator and owner Allison Grabarczyk's maternal grandmother. Allison is a dance and theatre teacher as well as an herbalist who makes handmade bath goods and herbal teas. All of the ingredients used in Rose Anna's products have been carefully sourced from other small businesses and companies that focus on sustainability, ethical & fair trade business practices. Allison tries to purchase locally whenever possible! She is also available for limited distance herbal consultations.

Where to Find Them: Rose Anna LLC

Social Media:

-Facebook: Rose Anna LLC

-Instagram: @roseanna_chicago

*Free Shipping on orders over $35*Local Pickup or Dropoff options available upon request*

B's Knees

Who/What: Creator Brittney Erickson states: "Recently turned my hobby into a side buzz! Record art, mugs, ornaments, elf isolation houses, custom apparel."

Where to Find Them: B's Knees

Laird of Cosplay Props

Who/What: Hi, I'm the Laird of Cosplay. I make foam craft items, props and Dice towers as of late. I have even made a Dragon Ball wreath for a customer. But nearly anything that can be made out of foam I will make it. Custom orders are very welcome. I have an etsy page bu prefer working directly with the customer.

Where to Find Them: Laird of Cosplay Props

Prado's Projects

Who/What: I'm Jenny and I make all sorts of craft items such as shadowboxes and ornaments, foam shapes for costume/cosplay use, coasters, makeup bags, vinyl decals and t-shirts.

Where to Find Them: Prado's Projects

Social Media:

-Instagram: @PradosProjects

*Free Shipping on orders over $35*Local Porch Pickup Available Upon Request.

One Spoon at a Time

Who/What: Hi everyone! My name is Jayme, and my Etsy shop is One Spoon at a Time. I sell accessories, prints and stickers for the Spoonie (chronically ill) community. 

Where to Find Them: One Spoon At A Time

Wulfgar Weapons & Props

Who/What: Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Wulfgar Weapons & Props is a crew of avid prop builders and fabricators who love to create all things prop-related. Whether getting creative in the workshop or showing off custom costumes at events, the Wulfgar Weapons & Props crew is always having fun and loving what we do! Our specialists learned their costume-making and prop-making skills purely from the love of the (cosplaying) game.

Where to Find Them:

Social Media:

-Facebook: Wulfgar Weapons & Props

-Instagram: @wulfgarweaponsandprops

HDC Fabrication

Who/What: Multi-medium replica prop and costume for film\theater\costuming\commercial work international shipping costs vary. 

Where to Find Them:

Social Media:

-Facebook: HDC Fabrication

-Instagram: @HDCfabrication

Rubber Stamp Shop +

Who/What: Custom Rubber Stamps and other personalization items created to order by Art Art Winzenried


Phone: 419-478-4444


*Free Local Pickup or Delivery Available upon request*

Christina Finn Style & Boutique

Who/What: Hi, I’m Christina and I’m a personal shopper/stylist/designer & artisan clothing reseller. Also 1940s-80s vintage. 

Where to Find Them: Christina Finn Official

Social Media: 

-Facebook: Christina Finn Style

-Instagram: @christinafinnaofficial

Hecho En Toledo

Who/What: Hello! I'm José, owner of Hecho En Toledo, maker of handmade wood and leather goods

Where to Find Them: Hecho En Toledo

Social Media:

-Facebook: Hecho En Toledo

-Instagram: @hechoentoledo

Emma Lyons Art

Who/What: Original Fine Art, Prints, Commissions with Acrylic on Canvas or Wood, Art Robes made of Tapestries

Where to Find Them: Emma Lyons Art

Social Media:

-Facebook: Emma Lyons Art

-Instagram: @EmmaLyonsArt



Alex B Creates

Who/What: Custom artwork for D&D, Pathfinder, fanart, or other original characters

Where to Find Them: Alex B Creates

Social Media:

-Facebook: Alex B Cosplay

-Instagram: @alexb_creates

Northshore Candle Co


Who/What:  I’m Emmett. My husband and I have been living in Rogers Park (Chicago)for a few years and love the community. I have always wanted to start my own business but never really knew exactly what I wanted to do until I started making candles to burn around the house. I only use 100% natural organic soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils and natural essential oils. 


Where to Find Them:: Northshore Candle Co


Social Media:

Facebook: Northshore Candle Co

Instagram: @northshorecandleco_chi



Homegrown Wrappings Gift Company

Who/What: Socially distanced or not, gift giving can be a challenge.   We are a gift company that creates artisan arrangements of small-business-made products and crafts, with a focus on sustainability and low-waste.  Encounter big success while shopping small business.

Where to Find Them:  Homegrown Wrappings Gift Company


Social Media:

Facebook: Homegrown Wrappings

Instagram: @homegrownwrappings

Zen Care Essentials


Who/What: At Zen Care Essentials we handcraft a variety of products to support your selfcare needs. Specifically, Bath Bombs, wax melts, and candles are coming soon! Our mission is to bring the spirit of self care to our customers through our aromatherapy products. We believe Selfcare is for everyone so take a moment and treat yourself because you deserve relaxation and self love. Follow us on social media for positive content that supports mental health awareness and showcases our beautiful handmade products!  


Where to Find Them: Zen Care Essentials 


Social Media:

Instagram, Pinterest, & TIktok: @Zencareessentials



Natura Pix


Who/What: I'm a Rogers Park resident for 15+ years and love walking in nature and the preserved green spaces of Chicago, and other places. In nature, I find a lot of life lessons. In my Etsy shop, you'll find prints that range from animals to landscapes. My hope is to share with you the connection I feel with this world when I look around through the lens of my camera.


Where to Find Them: Natura Pix


Social Media:

Facebook: Natura Pix



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